Phillips Contract Maintenance Division provides custom designed service programs to help alleviate critical equipment and system failures; allowing you to enjoy non-interruptive manufacturing or system operation.

A Contracted Maintenance agreement can help you avoid emergency repairs, saving you time, money and it helps you protect critical equipment and systems from damage.

With a Contract Maintenance agreement in place our customers begin winning the moment they start service. The first step is to perform a comprehensive inventory of all the plumbing systems and fixtures in your facilities.

We are on call 24/7 for emergency situations with our experienced craftsmen providing maximum responsiveness minimizing downtime.

Our Contract Maintenance customers enjoy a preferred pricing plan for our scheduled maintenance work. We can do this because we are prepared for your particular problems during a time that is friendly to our schedule.

PPM provides Contracted Maintenance services to customers across a broad spectrum of market sectors. We bring a proven reputation of quality performance and safety with our ability to work in the most demanding industrial environments.

Our Project Supervisors offer full time administrative controls for all your outsourcing needs.
All plumbing repairs & alterations
Servicing of plumbing fixtures
and apparatuses
Equipment piping
Mechanical air systems
High/Low pressure gas systems
Backflow testing/prevention
Drain waste/vent cleaning
Pipe/fixture leak detections
Boiler servicing and repair
Hydronic heating/cooling systems
Pump replacement
Water Purification Systems


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